About JDM Scientific

Laboratory Products and Operations Consulting

Why We Are Different

JDM Scientific is different because we focus not only on the metrics of your organization but the culture as well. We strive to help organizations achieve growth, profitability, and a culture that inspires teamwork and creativity.

Who We Are

JDM Scientific offers business development services for laboratory products and general operations management.

JDM Scientific developed from Jim & Dawn Mortimer’s extensive experience in management, operations, finance, sales, marketing, and business development. After many years of success, Jim & Dawn established JDM drawing on their years of experience and success in a variety of fields to help organizations achieve their goals.

What We Do

Business Development Strategies for Laboratory Products

Sales & Marketing Strategy Development

Expanding Product Portfolios

Establishing International Laboratory Products in North American Markets

Mergers, Acquisitions, and Technology Investment

Operations, Payroll, Financial Management and Cost Savings Initiatives 

Who We Work With

Manufactures and Distributors of Laboratory Products In North America

International Suppliers of Laboratory Products who desire to establish a presence in North American Markets

Financial Institutions in need of Technology and Market Advise for Laboratory Products

Small and Medium Size Companies in need of operational assistance including management structure, sales strategy, marketing plans, finance,  business development plans, or cost savings initiatives


Email: info@JDMScientific.com
Phone: 724-413-0076
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